Remarkably Able

Becoming Remarkably Able Front CoverBecoming Remarkably Able: Walking the Path to Talents, Interests, and Personal Growth

Becoming Remarkably Able is currently an e-book but I will be offering this book in hard copy soon. The Walking the Path Model© is a system of ongoing assessment and action steps that promote the individual’s participation, emotional support, and growth. It is the perfect complement following from the Marquette Strength Index because it offers activities for career exploration and emotional development.

WP is about identifying talents and strengths, then transferring them into tangible forms. It’s all about finding and pursuing that hobby, that activity, that job, or that subject to study which makes the heart sing. How can this be done if a person’s needs are significant? Supports are identified and negotiated to help lift and link the individual to full involvement and participation. The planning process involves three role groups: family, professional personnel/providers, and the individual with a disability.

The Walking the Path model is a much-needed resource designed for families and professionals to guide youth with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities to explore and then create effective outcomes in employment, leisure, and friendships and community living. With a focus on increased capability and independence, these steps help establish goals and pursue paths in the quest for a true “quality of life.”

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