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Is the Marquette Strength Index for Careers (MSIC) for you?

I recommend the MSCI to individuals on these support levels. To see complete definitions of these levels go tab: MSCI New Definitions and Terms: http://marquettestrengthsindex.com/wp/msci-new-definitions-and-terms/

Interdependent- Independent– Individual may rely upon indirect support, that is, guidance by a mentor, a trusted friend or family member for finding employment, pursuing college, or living interdependently .

Interdependent – Supported Level A — Individual may rely on indirect support or some direct supports for establishing employment, studying at college, making decisions about health or finances, and/or living interdependently.

Interdependent – Supported Level B — Often relies on ongoing direct supports for employment, pursuing interests, or living interdependently.

Interdependent – Participatory Level — Often relies upon full direct support with people engagement in order to enjoy leisure, volunteer, or cope within the setting.

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