Autism Safety-Works Newsletter, November 6, 2017

Welcome: The intention for this newsletter is to share and give. Sharing ideas and strategies with you the student, the young adult seeking employment, the parent, professionals, and business leaders. As an adult with Autism Spectrum or other disability there is so much uncertainty about how to make progress toward one’s dreams. Many individuals with […]

Don’t Miss Out: Seven Necessary Aims to Effective Employment for Youth and Adults with Autism

In preparing autistic youth through school transition, they need practice, exposure, and experiences. Many need guidance to: a) discover how their personal interests may match certain jobs or career, b) practice independent living skills at home and in the community, c) numerous ways to recognize their strengths and how their strengths match jobs or careers […]

Introducing ‘Power Practices’

I am happy and relieved to finally share my new student workbook “Power Practices”. Power Practices Workbook is a curriculum that guides a student through #career exploration with activities that will capture students’ career interests. The latter half of the workbook engages students with real life situations they may encounter during school and on the job. These […]

You are invited to the Dream Career Academy Mentorship Program (D-CAMP)

  Who is the D-Camp for?  Anyone who has a dream or wants to find their own dream in life for a job, a career, or independence. The sessions are tailored: a. for individuals 14 – over who have an ASD, or may have another disability or other health impaired challenge. b. parents, mentors, or […]

Emotional Supports for ASD during Loss

Emotional Supports for ASD during Loss When individuals with ASD face events of loss, emotional supports are necessary to assist their adaptation. Katie was a golden retriever, Trent’s sweet companion dog and friend for 15 years. She left us on December 14, 2016. She became my autistic son’s pet and a member of our family […]

Blog: Twenty-five Effective Career Preparations that Promote Autism Spectrum Employment

Twenty-Five Effective Career Preparations that Promote Autism Spectrum Employment Reprinted by permission from Different Brains.