Directions For Taking The MSCI

Read each item and select the answer that best describes you. Feel free if you choose to invite a mentor, or your parents to offer feedback in selecting your answers. Just make sure that person knows you well enough to provide feedback. They may recognize some things about you that you overlook. The amount of time to set aside to take this assessment is about 20 minutes, but you can spend more or less time as well. 

Each domain questionnaire has a submit button at the end. Submit your answers and move to the next domain questionnaire. If you are interrupted before your finish, you can click on the button ‘save your draft’ and come back to it later. 

I want you to feel at ease. This is not an assessment you fail or pass. It is all about your strengths. Have fun and enjoy this opportunity.

What You Will Receive
After you have read and submitted your answers on each of the 4 domains, you will receive a personalized report listing your best strengths and what your strengths say about you. These are your best attributes. Now that you know these strengths, you can use them to maximize your effectiveness as a student or an employee. Secondly, you will receive a list of career options that match your strengths. I encourage you to spend time developing your strengths and exploring the career possibilities that appeal to you. Remember have fun exploring. 

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