Connecting ASD Students to Career Options: 20 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Let’s start with a 4 question  self-questionnaire. You may  give it to a student or  your son/daughter .  1. Do you know the career that is right for you? ___ Yes    ___Not Sure     ___No 2. Do you have a unique interest or ability, but don’t know the right course of study or career […]

Facing the Fear of Uncertainty

  Mary is a delightful 19 year old woman who has autism. Now that she has graduated high school, she has tremendous fear that is preventing her from pursuing a career goal. Her days are filled with hiding in her room drawing and reading. Although she feels safe there, she really doesn’t like hiding in […]

Nine Surprising Ways Companies Can Grow by Hiring Individuals with Autism

Hiring people with autism has never been so relevant to corporations and small businesses throughout America than it is today. For three decades I have taught, conducted research, assisted youth in career preparation, designed innovative supports for employment success, and created tools that highlight job/careers corresponding to one’s strengths. I have a Ph.D. in Educational […]