The Most Important Question to Ask about Your Capabilities

cropped-Group-of-young-adults.jpgWhen considering what you would like to do in life, ask the right question to guide you.

Don’t ask, 1) “How capable are you?” about (a subject)______.

Rather, ask, 2) “How are you capable?”

The first question,  “How capable are you?”  emphasizes comparison of your current skills to others, presents your ability or a specific score of some kind on a test, or  ranks your skills based upon a criteria list in order to enter a career. Often there is a gatekeeper who determines your eligibility to get into a career study program of some kind.

The second question “How are you capable?”, targets an your strengths, possibilities emerge to consider and pursue, feelings of enjoyment or confidence may develop, and with all of these combined, movement along the path to attain work, goals, and reach dreams come with increased ease and enthusiasm.

In our world we must face both of these questions in order to reach our goals. But begin with “How are you capable?” because your enjoyment and pleasure of developing your strengths for work or a career you want can help you jump through the hoops of  “How capable are you?”

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Dr. Jackie Marquette

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