What does help for unemployed youth look like?


The greatest influence to employment success is a young person’s knowledge of their strengths, weakness, and self-awareness. Academic skills are important, but aren’t enough to impact workplace social adaptability.

Graduation is just around the corner. Get youth prepared to receive their personalized employment profile.

Offer youth an engaging inventory, The Strength and Career Index (SCI).



This career inventory meets the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts CCRA.R.1



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Youth Benefits

Youth will feel empowered knowing particular careers (over 300 careers in app) that match their strengths within their personalized profile.





Who can benefit?

All youth can benefit, age 14 and over including youth who struggle with social/emotional challenges: ADHD, at Risk, and those on the Autism Spectrum. 

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Contact Jackie at  drjackie@marquettestrengthsindex.com



About Dr. Jackie Marquette

Dr. Jackie Marquette is the founder of the Transition Career Academy teaching online courses and face-to-face workshops. Her trainings are approved for CE’s by CRCC. She has been endorsed by highly recognized colleagues in the disability eld for skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Training, and Research. Her extensive experiences span teaching students with learning/developmental disabilities and those ‘at risk’, spearheading autism community workplace projects, implementing school district transition programs, consulting and using her own tools, one-to-one with youth seeking employment through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. She researched and interviewed over 800 youth with autism and their advocates, professionals, family members. As the developer of YOUTH RESCUE© DBA Marquette Index, LLC, her program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders, employers, and youth with their advocates. Much of Jackie’s passion comes from many years in creating a meaningful quality of life for her adult son who has autism. 

Contact Jackie at  drjackie@marquettestrengthsindex.com


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